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Dear Loyal Readers

Photo: Angela M. Counts 
Dear Loyal Readers,

For some time, I've been keeping a blog for a Mexico Art History class that's really about the city of Boston and its environs from my perspective -- which means lots of pictures, poetry, musings, etc. I closed it this week, but feel free to peruse some of the postings. It follows an eclectic alphabet format. I think you will particularly like the April 18 post, "Performance Art on the T". I'll try to migrate some of the content from there to here, where appropriate but want to direct you that way in the meantime.

Thanks for reading!



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Angela Counts premieres new performance inspired by Lorraine Hansberry - Friday August 21 @ 8 pm - YouTube Live

Looking for Lorraine:  Young, Gifted and Black to Black Lives Matter a new performance by Angela Counts Area Code Art Fair "Informed by values of collective intelligence, transparent experimentation, and open access, AREA CODE has been developed in collaboration with a team of Boston-area curators, and will be free for exhibitors and viewers."  Still from "My Muslim Daughter" by Angela Counts. Stand Up! Group Exhibition - Gallery Kayafas, Boston (2017)    Friday, August 21, 2020 at 8pm. YouTube Live. 25 Minutes. For more information visit Area Code Art Fair at Counts performs an investigative homage to the timeless vision and radical voice of playwright and activist Lorraine Hansberry.  

Angela premieres new film work and performances in StandUp! Exhibition at Gallery Kafayas, July 10-13

Angela premiered new film work and performances in StandUp!,  a group exhibition held in July 2017 at Gallery Kayafas in Boston. StandUp!  featured all *women artists and was organized by artist-curator, Silvi Naci and 8 or more co-curators (see below for detailed information from Naci's site, Silver Projects ). Still from Hijab, Red Sea by Angela Counts (c) 2017 Still from Breakfast with Abu  by Angela Counts (c) 2017 Still from  Hijab, Red Sea  by Angela Counts (c) 2017 The following is from the Silver Projects website. It was an incredible experience, and it was a thrill to share the experience with so many amazing *women artists and curators, and all who attended the weeklong exhibition. STAND UP : All Women* Group Exhibition  at   Gallery Kayafas JULY 10               6-10pm – Opening Reception Performances by: 6-6:30 – ALICIA RODRIGUEZ ALVISA 6:30-7 – BIANCA BROXTON 7:00-7:30 – MAGGIE CAVALLO 7:30-8 – ANA LOOR 8:00-8:30 – SARAH PITAN 8:30-9:00 – M

Angela Counts hosts the "Living Room Project" as an invited guest artist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on December 9.

A collage of some of my influences, including the artist/activist, Lorraine Hansberry. For more information, visit the Lorraine Hansberry Literary Trust . On December 9, 2017, I hosted the Living Room Project at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. I shared with museum goers some of the sources of inspiration in my career as a writer, performance artist and more recently, as a filmmaker. The  Living Room Project was originally conceived by internationally acclaimed artist, Lee Mingwei, and commissioned by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in 2000.  For more information about the origins of this wonderful project and Lee Mingwei, please visit: Lee Ming Wei's Website   and read, "Experimenting in Museums: The Living Room Project" .