This same ocean, I knew (performance video)

01:10, Digital Video, Sound Recording (Vocal performance by Angela Counts). 

Part of the fall 2010 Post-Baccalaureate group show, 27 Days, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The waves so restless now,
Tossing us about, confused
This same ocean I knew
Since youth, and his eyes too
And now, I can’t look.
His eyes, the same as mine.
Panic, they look away. The same,
Dark, ocean we belong.
Only now, terror: the smells
That we did not know. So
Close together. The shame
I never knew; his leg
Crossed with mine, and hers too.
Somebody’s arm bloodied. She fell,
We smell, each other,
Our humanity. Who are these
Devils, the ones with greedy teeth?
What did we do, and
Now can it be undone?