Abari recollects the Tally's (Excerpt from Novel) By Angela Counts ©

Archibald Tally pulled the Buick out of the garage and around the corner, put on his blinker going left as he rounded the corner. Not another car in sight on this quiet Detroit neighborhood. But he paused just the same on the side street, just to make sure no wild teenagers in a souped-up sports car didn't come tearing around the corner from the other side. He swallowed; just a little nip from the flask in the glove compartment. He promised Kelly he wouldn't act up and on the day his son-in-law was going off to the Army, leaving his baby girl pregnant and alone.

He must've dozed off for a minute cause when he came to, he heard screaming and honking. He looked around and saw his wife Larcenia Tally and his daughter Baby Girl and Wesley on the lawn calling out at him. He smiled back at them when he realized he was holding up a car behind him. Before he could connect that thought to the muscle in his foot, the man at the wheel of the Corvair revved his engine and whizzed past him, honking his horn. By now the neighbors on San Juan street had permission to take nosy eyes and ears to the street and see just what was going on now with the Tally family.

(c) Angela Counts